Who are you ?

My Name is Andres Rakos Varela.
37 years old
Architect fo profession


When have you started to paint ?

I start painting about the year 2009


Why abstract paintings ?

I don`t know my kind of art, i just say abstract impressionismo because i think is the concept and visual that seems more  similar, and some of street art. I dont have classes of painting just learn alone


A song ?

And i inspire on music rock in special, in  my emotions and what i see everyday. Just the gesture of writing and the writing i use are inspire in the songs i listen, something i listen, something i though, whatever. and the gesture too.


An artist you admire ?

The artist that i admire  in first place Jean Michel Basquiat, seeing that movie i start painting, jackson pollock, cy twoly, motherwell, warhol, tapies, and others


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