Who are you?

Charlotte, I am 31 years old and mother of a wonderful little prince of 11 years old.

From a calm nature with a fiery temperament, my element is water.

I am "the paradox" lol

Rocknroll characterizes me and spiritual defines me.

Positive is my master word.

Entire, always in sharing, listening and dialogue. Extroverted and introverted at a time.

Since when do I draw?

It's been 3 years since everything started.

I was responsible in a ready-to-wear shop. I dropped my job because the salary world was no longer for me ... I was looking for myself, I wanted and needed something else.

Self-taught I am ...

Having never taken a drawing class this revelation is made to me one night when I scribbled one of my future tattoos ..

I could not believe it, I suddenly knew how to draw pretty well, something that I had never been able to do before !!!

I posted this on social networks starting with Facebook and I got noticed.

We started to place an order, then two, then three ..

Then I quickly wanted to try the painting thinking that it would be impossible for me and there, second surprise I knew how to paint!

Then once that I very quickly sought to diversify myself by realizing my creations on any support in order to spread my art everywhere and to answer the various requests of creation.

I left myself a few months time to see if I could live my passion, which seemed honestly very difficult to achieve from my point of view because let's be honest art is ephemeral and very personal at the same time .. But I wanted to believe it so I gave everything to make this dream happen by doing everything to make my work always known through the networks! By going to graffiti at the eco-system center of Darwin in Bordeaux - which is particularly known for these beautiful works by some artists known in the area. The challenge was for me to paint in front of people ... But here too I wanted to exceed myself because I wanted to share live with them .. Only problem, I did not know how to graffiti (use the bomb) I learned all only ... And I made works made with all my tools. That is, my hands, my brushes, my bombs and the collage ...

I used videastes who made for me two videos that I shared on networks ...

From there, the director of the congress center called me to create a 10-meter-long mural for a fair and the international fair to be held very soon in May (if you want to see this one) .

I also give courses of drawings, paintings ..

Also art therapy recently, that works very well and that aims to help people, it goes from the little ones to the oldest, to help let go, to express themselves , to understand each other .. Painting and drawing bring more than we can believe.

Between customer orders and the courses I give, I paint almost every day. I have the ability to make 4 paintings a day.

Why this discipline?

Because thanks to her I discovered the "letting go" and many other things.

Because it allows to express for oneself and the others what one can not write or say with words.

A song?

I would say 'hunger' from the distillers group

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