Who are you ?

I am Bona. Bona_Berlin.


When did you start to paint ?

I have been doing it for years. I think I did my first painting at the age of three. But I think everyone did it 🙂 I started with Paste-Ups in 2006. And I've been doing this since.


Why this kind of art ?

I do not want to destroy someone's property - but I enjoy making the streets look better!


A song ?

The band I like the most is called "Die Sterne" ("Stars") - but they sing only in German. A French singer that I like a lot is Mano Solo. With "The Moon". (And this is not because the German group is called Stars ;))


An artist that you admire ?

There is a lot of artists ! - But i will name Martin Kippenberger and Jean-Michel Basquiat


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