Who are you?

I am a Toronto based collage artist. My art often explores the absurdity of domestic roles and the need for material goods. My work can currently be found on Collective Arts Brewing most recent beer label. My work has been featured  in Kolaj Magazine Issue #16 and in Collage Collective Co.’s book ANNUAL 2016. I have spent the last year traveling across the west coast of the USA, as well as, visiting Rome and Spain in search of materials and inspiration. My most recent work, The Course of an Empire, has been four years in the making and benefited greatly by the colourful, lush old magazines found in her travels. I have an upcoming show this September at www.unlovablegallery.com in Toronto. My work can be found here: www.daniellecole.ca


When did you start to .....make collage?

I'm a life long artist. I've always drawn and created art in the last 6 years I have focused solely on collage.


Why have you chosen collage?

Collage allows me to say anything I want with humour and great impact. I now have the ability to tell stories by combining existing images into new narratives.


A song you like ?

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered Ella Fitzgerald


An artist you like ?

I'm very inspired by Kara Walker for her amazing work with silhouettes stereotypes and and also fellow Canadian artist Marcel Dzama who creates worlds filled with strange creatures and humans that are deeply relatable.


More info

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