Who are you?

My name is HeartCraft, and this name refers to both the street artist that I am and the project of heart (s) I'm wearing. During the last presidential campaign, I felt frustrated that the public debate was confiscated in favor of a word of rejection, intolerance and withdrawal; to see the suffering of people being abused by politicians' calculations. So what better for an artist than street and art, finally street art to address people directly. And then a "drawing" is not better than a thousand speeches?

Since when are you doing this?

I've been working on the street for seven months and, as such, I realize that my work has evolved a lot since my first steps. Before, it was before everything and urgently to make heard a voice celebrating the Other, altruism, tolerance, fraternity, sharing, Love; today, I seek to develop a work of composition and thus to work from both an artistic and a political point of view in the Greek sense of the term, when it was a question of deciding the common good and not of defending its meadow at detriment of all.

And why the sticker?

The sticker was imposed on me for practical issues, we had to act quickly because we were in the middle of the election campaign, the debate every day became more and more odious and I had no concept in spray paint; moreover being very careful of details, the sticker allows me to have a precise and identical rendering. It only remained for me to find where to stick them.

A song?

Feeling good by Nina Simone

An artist you admire?

Admiring would not be the term, but I really like artists who come to combine commitment and artistic sense in their works such as singer Damien Saez, street artists Banksy, Combo and C215, filmmaker Houda Benyamina and many others.

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