Who are you?

I am a pixel Italian artist born in Melfi, where I took my first steps in the art of the street. During my artistic career I have painted for many festivals such as Vedo a Colori (Civitanova Marche), Rock Your Head (Montebello di Bertona), Blue Flow (Ventotene), Street Art Wine Fest (Marsala) ... In 2015, I created TEXTURA in Fest, the first street art festival in my hometown.

Why have you chosen pixel art?

The pixel is the basic element on which he builds his work with patience and precision. His work reveals the design scheme and the management of the image in its complexity. Twenty years after my street art debut, I moved to Rome and started a constant research project. This led me to develop a type of "pixelized" art that characterizes me. The influence of pixels is the result of my years in industrial and graphic design studios. Pixels are a little my own language.
His works come alive with the steady pace of tiny pixels and patience and manic precision are certainly virtues recognized and appreciated by those who came into contact with his creations. I like the patience and the precision that my work can ask me. I like trying to make all of its complexity to something that can sometimes be very simple in appearance.

An artist you like ?

I have always been influenced by the classical scientific arts, from Seurat's neo-impressionism to Vasarely's optical art.

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