Who are you ?

I am Tom Cech, born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1986. Always been fascinated by human behavior, beauty, philosophy, color and facial expressions. It started with comic books, my mother resisted in buying a tv until I was about 16, so I was always drawing. I studied art in high school and later I became a teacher myself, teaching art and ethics. Today I work as a job counselor, where I teach and coach people who are unemployed. Working with people has greatly affected my work and my personality.


When did you start to paint ?

I started painting, professionally, around 2009 when I finished my bachelor. To me, the basic media - pencil, pen, crayon, oil - always had my preference.


Why this kind of art ?

I am not a big fan of digital art. After high school I started studying at Sint Lukas, but I quickly realized it was not for me. I felt I needed to develop my own style without influence from the outside.


A song you like?

I could not pick just one, but I can tell you it started with hiphop. Not the commercial stuff, but the raw poetic underground type. I love hearing about people's lives, to gain insight and to be able to relativate my own issues. Today I listen to a lot of genres, but there are also times where I dont listen to music at all.


An artist you admire?

Caravaggio, when it comes to classical art, because of the way he captured light. Further I like artists who have their own style, their own signature. I am not a fan of hyperrealism, even if it can be technically impressive, its basically copying something, unless you do something different with it. I personally strive to find a balance between realism and abstraction. I love street art. Current artists: Denis Sarazhin, David Walker, Hopare, Henrik Uldalen, Jeremy Geddes,... More classics: Caspar David Friendrich, William Turner, Alfons Mucha,... the list goes on.


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