Who are you?

I am Víctor Otero Carbonell artist from Barcelona born in 1985.


When did you start painting?

As all artists I can remember myself drawing since I have memory. When I was 15 years old, my mom gift me an oil box and one easel for Christmas, the same day I made my first oil painting and I didn’t stop painting since then.


Why this kind of art?

If I’m sincere, I never thought about it. Since I started painting, my art was focused on human representation and about their emotions. My first paintings had the same style than they actually have (in the sense of the way I have to represent humans), and it is changing at the same time I’m changing as person. Art is a representation of yourself, and I don’t believe in art made with a specific style, genre or choose technique by the artist. Art is the consequence of who we are and consequence of our life background. Art is very similar to our life: you cannot decide who you are, how is your body, the way you think, your voice, etc


A song?

I have a lot of them, each moment of my life is remembered in combination with one specific song. But, probably: “Oh la la” by Bernard Hilda, for the intimacy of the memory. My grandfather came to my studio one day and we were talking about music, and suddenly he remembered a song he listened when he was a teen on the 40’s, he doesn’t listen that song for 70 years ago and decided to search for it on internet and I played it. My grandfather started to dance and to sang, his face changed to a teen’s face, for some minutes he was 17 years old and it was a beautiful experience for both of us! But also, any song of my friends Espacea (they are awesome!), they mix electronic music with post rock and Brazilian music, I’m doing their image artwork.


An artist that you admire?

I have a lot of them!!...Lucian Freud. He had the best quality an artist can have: sincerity with his art. It’s possible to appreciate the love he had for his profession, and that’s the reason what every single portrait he did was a masterpiece full of emotivity and passion. Also, meanwhile all the artists were changing to Pop Art and oil painting portraiture was considered obsolete, he kept doing what he loved outside the tendencies of the moment.