Who are you?

Who we are, because Wèkup is a common project. We are two childhood friends, from graffiti, who have been actively practiced for about ten years. Then, life made that we could not paint with so much fierceness. Except that graffiti is a microcosm, a completely addictive subculture. Like a drug. We were deeply in need. And one evening, after a few beers, we realized that we had to wake up from our vegetative state at all costs. That's how Wèkup was born.


When did you start to .....make collage?

We stuck our first alarm clock a year ago.


Why have you chosen collage?

For us it is vital to be on the street and to offer our work for free to all. It's our way of existence. And for that, we work on different media: we stick posters, wooden alarm clocks, real alarm clocks. We draw them, we paint them, etc ... The idea is to invite everyone to wake up, whether in his personal life, artistic or anything else ... We want to everyone finds his own message.